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API-First Documents-as-a-Database Platform

Put Document Understanding To Work

Redshred treats documents as a database by turning data trapped inside documents into usable, structured information.

Reshape Data into AR/VR

Workflow Integrations

Collaboration & Teams

Leverage Human-like Document Understanding

From Documents to Data

Built from the ground-up to be API-first, Redshred offers your team a powerful solution that goes beyond just text and object recognition.
Power Smarter Applications

Get to Higher Value Work Faster

Data scientists and developers can use unstructured data to build new models and smart applications without the hassle of extracting, cleaning, and aligning content from documents.
Extract Layers of Interconnected Metadata.
Structured & Searchable.
Collaborative & API-First.
RedShred Features: Create Value that Scales

Our API-First Platform makes it easy to integrate
with existing platforms & technologies

Easy Document Upload API

Simply upload your documents into Collections on RedShred

Tailored Configuration

Targeted extraction and enrichment tailored to your document types

Supports Common Formats

Scanned Images, PDFs, Spreadsheets, Plaintext, etc.

Developer Friendly

API endpoints return structured JSON data for easy integration
Escape from Paper

Stop Making Excuses for Legacy Documents

Don't find yourself six months behind on day one
It's easy to underestimate the effort required to liberate data from the tarry manacles of page-based layouts. Don't let hidden work slow your roll.

Get access to important data in seconds
Redshred automates document-centric processes while providing rich structured data.
How Redshred Works

How Redshred Reshapes Content Into Your Format

Simplify your data journey through a powerful 3-stage process.
Page content is extracted using NLP & Computer Vision
Metadata is attached to page segments and indexed
Document data is now searchable and reusable


Groups of document based on how they'll be processed


Regions of a page such as tables, images, paragraphs, etc.

Enrichment Data

Metadata that lives on a page segment


Groups of segments that are related semantically

Technical Manual Shredding

Redshred Does all the Heavy Lifting
so You Don't Have to

System Manuals

Access Alerts, Diagrams, and Tables
Custom Language Models
Structured & Semantic Search

Fault Trees

From Static Documents to Interactive Applications
Link to Historical Maintenance Records
Simplified Navigation

Procedure Steps

Identify Tools, Parts, and Consumables
Flatten Hierarchical Procedures
Easy Checklist Extraction

Link Content

Navigate Through Entities
Attach Custom Metadata
Cross-Reference Pages Across Documents
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Turn your technical documents into an
easy-to-access & searchable database.